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Hydraulic Windmill


The wind energy is converted direct into high pressure, saving losses from:
gear                  - in order to get the right speed to convert to electricity

electricity          - using a generator, which almost never works on ist optimum

mechanical use - using a compressor, pump, rotating drive, etc

This can be driven directly from the high pressure of the system

Applications Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is the most used system for desalinate sea water or brackish water.

However this needs a high amount of energy, which in most cases is delivered by fossil driven systems.

With DutchFreshWaterMill it is done 100% sustainable and at affordable prices


Water Distribution

Water distribution is done by pumps in areas often far away from electric infrastructure.

The wind energy can be used to pump the water at higher levels in order to usee all teh wind energy if it is available and use it when it is needed.

100% sustainable.

In some cases supported by a small solar PV system. 


Water and Electricity Production

Water and electricity is needed but quite often not at the same time for its maximum, so the system can be adjusted to deliver water and electricity alternatively when it is needed

Other applications?

If you need energy for other applications, please, contact us: we will find the most efficient and sustainable solution

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