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The DUTCH FreshWaterMill:

  • Hydraulic windmill: most efficient use of wind energy

  • Driving reverse osmosis (desalination)
            or pumps, generators or a combination

  • Off-grid easy: no infrastructure needed

  • Fresh Water: 200 m3 to 2.400 m3/day 

  • 100% sustainable, no fossils, no logistics

  • windmill 12 m to 60 m height

  • combination with solar energy possible

  • CAES Compressed Air Energy Storage 

Total supply for islands, coastal and rural areas

Our Services


Desalination is the most used way to create fresh water but the used energy is mostly fossils:

Dutch FreshWaterMill:

low cost price and

100% sustainable

Water distribution

Make pumping sustainable and use wind energy if available.

No electric grid needed, no fossils, just
Dutch FreshWaterMill

Water & Electricity & 

No Water, no electricity:

desert and poverty

Dutch FreshWaterMill

changes this into oasis and paradise.

24/7 energy with CAES


Animation of hydraulic system 

to Reverse osmosis and/or





FWM 80 

 on test in       Leeuwarden

FWM2_0_Inbedrijf_Leeuwarden kopie.png




Changing dry desert


lush paradise



We are devoted to a sustainable world and our technology us focused on renewable and clean water and energy solutions

Let the fossils rest in peace

management Dutch FreshWaterMill


Ready to find out more?

Water and wind are very much dependent on the circumstances at the location
(wind, sun, water quality, energy needs, 24/7 or adaptable)

So we have to adapt our services to the special needs of the customer.

Please specify your needs and location specifics and we will help to find the best renewable and cost-effective solution

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